Web Scraping Tools – Semalt Advice

Data scraping is one of the most complicated tasks for non-technical people. This is because they lack knowledge and don't know anything about how to get benefited from Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, NodeJS, Obj-C, Ruby, and PHP like languages. Programming is an integral part of data science, but some startups and newcomers don't have sufficient programming skills and still want to extract web data without compromising on quality. For such individuals, the following web scraping applications are best and most suitable.

Scraper (Google Chrome extension)

Various non-programmers and freelancers prefer Scraper due to its matchless data scraping features. This GUI driven data science tool can scrape both basic and advanced web pages and have great machine learning technology to make your work easier. This platform is specifically designed to extract data from Amazon, eBay, and other similar sites and has a built-in spam detection feature. With it, you can easily detect spam in your data and can get it removed within a minute or two. It has a specific Google API client library for better data extraction and saves your information in its own database. You can also save the data to your hard drive or any other device of choice.


With import.io, you don't have to be technical-minded and can scrape high-quality data on a regular basis. This web extraction application has claimed to have obviated the need for non-programmers and data scientists. As we know that data science requires statistics and mathematics, programming skills, but you don't need to learn anything if you are using import.io. This tool is suitable for both individuals and businesses.

Kimono Labs

Kimono Labs is the open-source stand-alone web scraping software. It can scrape data from a huge number of sites within minutes. It comes in both free and paid versions and is suitable for non-technical individuals. With Kimono Labs, you don't need to learn Python or any other programming language. Its predefined crawlers help you index your data or different web pages. You just have to download and launch this program and let Kimono Labs scrape data for you in a matter of minutes. Its cloud-based respiratory lets you share information among different devices easily and quickly. Kimono Labs is being used by enterprises, journalists, online retailers, telecommunication agencies, and freelancers at a large scale.

Facebook and Twitter APIs

Big data is a major problem for various webmasters and non-technical individuals. Thus, they often use Twitter and Facebook APIs to get their data scraped. The APIs help us extract useful information from varying websites and blogs, and makes predictions about how to edit and save the data once it is fully scraped. The best part is that APIs can mine web content easily, in a readable and scalable format. They provide nice visualization of the scraped data, classify it into different categories, or import to a variety of formats as per our desires and requirements. You must use social media APIs if you are a non-technical person with no programming skills.

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